Why use Youtubers for marketing of your brand?

To brake this down we are first going to look at the reason why some ideas spread and other don’t. Some people might argue that ideas or products that are going viral is just randomness, well it is to a certain degree, but there is also a lot of science and phycology behind it.

Statistics shows that word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 – 50 per cent of all purchasing decisions. the major reason behind this is the fact that it comes from a trusted source with no selling motives.

Why some ideas spread  can further on be explained by a combination of two philosophies the first one relates to the message itself and its characteristics and the other one relates to the characteristics of  influence, whom are promoting the brand and through which network.

So, lets start of by explaining what you need to now about the selling characteristics of the message itself. According to Jonah Berger, who came upp with a frame work called STEPPS.

Digital Marketing characteristics of a message

A message needs six important characteristics in order to maximise the odds for it to catch on and get spread. And which these are and what they mean is describe in the figure below.

Stepps 2

Assuming that you understand the importance of the six characteristics of a message and have designed your business model and marketing strategy around this frame work. You will still need a vessels to share your message. This is part where the characteristics of influence comes in.

According to Malcolm Gladwell and his theory, the Pareto principle referring to the scenario for marketers, where 80 per cent of your sales comes from 20 per cent of your consumers, seems like a quite powerful advantage given that you are able to identify the 20 per cent segment.

So, how do you identify these few people?

According to Malcolm Gladwell, these few people are categorised in three groups:

Connectors: social glue who spread the message

Mavens: databanks who provide the message

Salesmen:  persuaders who convince us to take action

I would argue that today’s successful vloggers are an perfect example of a single person who fits all three categories, where they, if given a product gives there honest opinion about products, fitting the mavens category, displays it to an enormous audience, fitting the connectors category and assuming it is a product of quality and relevance, they recommend and encourage their audience to purchase with direkt links in the description, therefore fitting the salesmen category as well.

Are my assumptions about vloggers being the ultimate icons for your marketing campaign to brave? Then please slaughter them in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “Why use Youtubers for marketing of your brand?

  1. Great post, I love your use of the marketing theory about the essentials in a marketing message and the phycological play it needs to have on the audience. Combined with your identified exception to Malcom Gladwell’s theory of people being divided into three different groups, where you use YouTubers as an example of fitting all categories. Great thinking there, I just learned a new and more efficient way to market my products.

    Especially since YouTubers use their own marketing strategies to engage with their own crowd, which is commonly built on trust and a sense of connection towards their audience, great vessel to display quality products!!


    1. Hello Eric Human and tack you! 😀
      I admire the fact that you recognised my exception to his theory! And as you may know i think its an efficient and great marketing strategy for you tu use today’s successful YouTubers or vloggers as marketing strategies for great quality products! Just make sure that the YouTubers profile and audience you are targeting is relevant to your products, it will increase your ROI.

      Best regards

      Andreas Mogren


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